Air-Eau-Bois, it's also an opportunity to learn new activities and rediscovering the joys of playing outside.


We own 170 acres of pure wilderness, 50 minutes north of the Gatineau-Ottawa region. Nearly 90% of our beautiful land is preserved in its natural state and hosts many of our activities.


We offer two types of activities:

  1. Unsupervised Outdoor Activities;
  2. Outdoor Packages that require a guide.


Unsupervised Outdoor Activities

Summer 2018

Coming soon


Winter 2018

Check the services page for our rates.

Winter hikes

  • Shoeshoe
  • Ski-Hok
  • Back-country skiing

We maintain six trails totaling almost 15 km.

  • Le petit point de vue - 1,25 km - Intermediate difficulty - Map
  • Le grand point de vue - 2,67 km - Intermediate difficulty - Map
  • Le lac à la truite - 2,24 km - Easy - Map comming soon
  • Le McLaurin - 3,5 km - Easy - Map
  • La pépinière - 2 km - Intermediate difficulty - Map comming soon
  • Le Harfang - 3 km - Intermediate difficulty - Map comming soon
Cross-country skiing

We maintain a cross-country ski trail designed as a gentle initiation to this activity. 

  • Le moineau - 1,39 km - Easy - Map
Winter slide

A winter slide of nearly 150 m that ends on the lake. Be careful, it's crazy!

Exterior skating rink

During the winter, we transform our soccer field into an  rink. Bring your skates!


Ice climbing

We do not have an ice climbing wall directly on the site. However, a natural wall is easily accessible from our greeting center!

All you have to do is park at Air-Eau-Bois to get access to the wall, as well as washrooms and a heated dining area!

This activity is not supervised by the Air-Eau-Bois Outdoor Recreation Center. Ice climbing is done independently and at your own risk.

We do not offer an equipment rental service for this activity.



Outdoor Packages

Winter 2018

Rates for our Outdoor Packages may vary depending on demand. Contact us for more details.

Dog Sled Ride

In partnership with a local musher, we offer dog sled rides.

On reservation only.

Guided Hikes

  • Shoeshoe
  • Ski-Hok
  • Back-country skiing

Our guided hikes are for a full day or half a day. The degree of difficulty will be adapted according to the expectations of the group.

Our guided hikes include equipment, a snack and a meal (in the case of a full day trip).

Winter Survival Trial

In the company of a seasoned guide, discover winter survival skills and take part in an exceptional winter camping experience.

This package includes :

Construction of Quinzhee snow shelters and 1 night in winter camping;
Cooking on fire in winter;
Basic techniques of winter survival.

Special Events

Visit this website and our Facebook page to be aware of the special events that will take place this winter!

Here are some examples:

Torchlit snowshoeing hike with port and chocolate;
Back-country Ski-Hok trip with accommodation and gourmet meals;
Witer sport family day.

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